A Family Owned Business

  • Brookside Cattery was started by Annette Christian, who quickly gained a reputation of high quality friendly care. The cattery is now run by her son Samuel., who continues the warm welcome, has added a small animal boarding facility, and now achieved 5* status from Horsham Council.

  • The cattery is close to Horsham, but down a small country lane surrounded by farms. Easy for you to get to, and ecologically healthy for your pet

  • Sam is happy for you to come and inspect the cattery prior to booking, and discuss your cat’s individual needs. He looks forward to meeting you.


When Annette Christian handed the management of Winterpick to her son Samuel several years ago, we promised to maintain the same high standards of care.

Since then we have  not only added our small animal boarding service, but are proud to announce our 5* top rating from Horsham council, which considers every single factor affecting the comfort of animals: space, diet, environment, specific needs of each animal, even down to the way records are logged and maintained.