• 1 rabbit £7.00 per day
  • Bonded pair sharing £8.50 per day
  • Bonded trio sharing £10.00 per day

Our luxury indoor room costs £12 per day regardless of size/breed of rabbits staying in it, max 2 rabbits, any more than this sharing will be by arrangement subject to the size of your bunnies, costs to be confirmed.

Please note that rabbits must be vaccinated against myxomatosis and vhd. A certificate must be shown to us when dropping them for boarding. We are unable to accept any rabbit boarders without a certificate.

Includes hay, fresh fruit and veg (if required) and dried food (Excel Adult) or Gerty/Russell. However we suggest you bring your own dried food if you are not using the same brand as us for consistency of diet.

Rabbit hutches are thoroughly cleaned daily. Supervised exercise in safe runs outside in good weather or indoors otherwise.


  • Mice, gerbils, hamsters £3.00 per day (must come in their own cage and bring their food with them).
  • Rats, degu £4.00 per day (must come in their own cage and bring their food with them).
  • Chinchillas £5 per pair per day.
  • Ferrets £7.00 per day.


  • 1 guinea pig £6.00
  • 2 guinea pigs sharing £7.00
  • 3 guinea pigs sharing £8.50

Any more than this will be by arrangement and subject to cage availability, cost to be confirmed.


We can look after smaller bird breeds, that will not need to be let out of their cage £3.50 per day.

We also request that full payment is made at the start of your pets stay with us. Thank you.

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